Tully Hofmann

You’ve made a wonderful choice if you live in New Bern or plan to move here! I was born in California, but after spending nearly half my life here, I am definitely a North Carolinian — and a New Bernian. Welcome to our hometown!

Like me, you’ll enjoy the water, the history, the festivals, the farmer’s market and, most of all, the people. I have raised a beautiful son and daughter in this town and am very proud of the community in which they grew up

For many years I worked in the communications business, and I have learned one lesson above all others: Treat people like I want to be treated, with patience, understanding and consideration!

Whether you are looking for a new home or need to transition from your current one, you’re having a major life experience, and I want to help you make it as easy and successful as possible.

My name is Tully (rhymes with “truly”) McDonald. My job is to help you — and I like my job!